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Bathing and Rejuvenation

Every Day is a Spa Day


In the past, bathrooms were seen as simply serving a utilitarian function, a basic mundane space holding rank just above the basement or storage closet. In fact, toilets were called water closets by architects in years past.

This utilitarian approach leaves a great opportunity overlooked. The bathroom is a place where we care for our bodies, where we refresh and energize our skin, and get the blood circulating.

When our body feels fresh, our mind and spirit are uplifted as well. This grooming, bathing, and self-care releases oxytocin along with other hormones, increasing feelings of connection and bonding and boosts our feelings of peace, happiness, and enthusiasm.

When we rethink the full purpose of bathrooms and see the potential they have to support us, we stop designing them like mundane utilitarian rooms and more like a kind of ‘rejuvenation sanctuary’. Bathrooms deserve careful and thoughtful planning.

Bathing and Rejuvenation
Bathing and Rejuvenation

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