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Study and Meditation

Inner Development: Study and Meditation Space

As Within, so without...

When we are feeling strong, confident, and centered we can walk through the storms of life with peace and poise and they bother us little. Conversely, when we are agitated and off kilter, then even a perfect sunny day does little to ensure our success.

Therefore inner harmony is the ultimate priority. Conscious Home Design places a tremendous value on dedicating space in your home for your inner work. As we know, when we create space for our activities, it becomes easier for us to create the time to do them.

Our inner life includes our mental, emotional, and spiritual facets. When any one of these aspects is out of balance, it can adversely affect the others, and consequently disrupt or limit our external success.

To our benefit though, a strong, clear state in any one of them will also strengthen the others. There is a symbiotic relationship.

Study and Meditation
Study and Meditation Space

When we are strong and clear in all three areas of our inner life, then a powerful synergy occurs and we are virtually unstoppable. How can we use architecture to help ourselves experience more of that alignment? With Conscious Home Design.

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Conscious Home Design Book, Audiobook & Workbook Bundle - Physical & Digital Package WITH Consultation

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