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Physical Activity

Outer Development: Physical Movement Space

Design that encourages body movement for fun and fitness...

Where do you fall on the exercise spectrum? Are you an avid health and fitness enthusiast who exercises daily or are you someone who’s activity level is limited to walking to and from the car on the way to work?

Do you struggle to get enough exercise or is it something you love to do and find it easy to make time for? When we create a movement space in our home, we always have the opportunity to benefit regardless of the weather, our age, health, interest or ability.

The magic of movement is that we always feel better after we do it but sometimes it's tough to overcome the inertia initially.

By building space for an activity we love in our home- a yoga room, or exercise room, or equipment storage area where we sleekly and keenly display our favorite bike, skis, surf/snowboard etc. then we have every possible encouragement from our environment to get healthful, enjoyable activity into our day.

Physical Movement
Physical Movement

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