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Creative Expression

Express Yourself!

Making Room for Creativity

Fanning The Creative Spark...

How does creativity show up in your life? What kinds of creative things do you like to do? At the root of it, creativity is how we take that which is inside of us and make it visible on the outside. It is an essential part of being alive, of being human.

Conscious Home Design is about noticing the natural creative abilities in each person, and supporting, encouraging, and nurturing those talents through architecture. We can have all our physical needs met, but if we don’t find some form of creative expression we will feel like something is missing.

Creating is as much about ourselves as it is for the people we create for. If you were going to build creative space into your home, what would that be like for everyone? Would one room work to accommodate everyone, or would you want to have separate spaces for some activities?

Creative Space
Creative Space

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Conscious Home Design Book, Audiobook & Workbook Bundle - Physical & Digital Package With Consultation

Conscious Home Design Book, Audiobook & Workbook Bundle - Physical & Digital Package WITH Consultation

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