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Welcoming Entry Area

A Consciously Designed Foyer Sends Us Off With A Smile, And Welcomes Us Home With Open Arms. 

It Blesses Us And Our Guests Whether We Are Going Or Coming…

The transition space for our arrival and departure is an inherently high friction zone. Just as the wheels of an airplane screech and smoke when they synchronize their rotation to the ground as the plane touches down, so too, in a way, do we have a moment of adjustment when we move from one zone to another.

You’ve probably experienced coming home with too much stress of the day on your shoulders, only to have that burden cause strife and friction with your loved ones. A good transition space can help us downshift and leave more of that tension behind, take a deep breath and relax into our home.

With Conscious Home Design we create a well-planned entry, a buffer zone that helps us decompress and leave the bustle and hustle of life at the entry door so we can step into a relaxing, rejuvenating sanctuary: our home.

Welcoming Entry Area
Welcoming Entry Area

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